Líndala Restobar serves up a fusion of the very best of Valencian and Mediterranean cuisine, which you can savour any time of the day: breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snacks, tea, aperitifs, dinner and drinks…

Each of our dishes provides an insight into the Valencian culinary tradition of yesteryear, with mouth-watering suggestions that are sure to impress.

The restaurant itself is snug and inviting, with a somewhat eclectic décor and an outer garden that will captivate you.

The overall setup is warm and relaxing, with different niches and recesses in which to lose yourself and enjoy a wonderful evening, a moment to relax and have fun, read a good book, listen to great music…

Come and discover our fresh and tasty Mediterranean cuisine in the very heart of Cabañal.

Who was Líndala?

According to legend, a long time ago in Cabañal, a fishing neighbourhood, there lived a young girl whose name was LÍNDALA. She was the only child of a family of fisherfolk and grew up among fishing nets, sails and fishing tackle. It wasn’t long before she began to stand out for her self-confidence and beauty.

One spring day she headed out to sea, never to return, and some days later her little fishing boat was found adrift, with nobody aboard. She left no trace behind, as if she had never been there in the first place.

The Mediterranean cried, the village was overshadowed with grief and for months all the fisherfolk along the coast spent their time in search of her, without ever finding any sign of Líndala.

Decades later…

On an island, off the coast, while playing in the sand on the beach, some children found a half-buried skeleton of a mermaid with a necklace around her neck in the shape of a fish scale.

The inhabitants of Cabañal who had known her, realised that Líndala had never left them



FOCACCIA: Crispy focaccia with 2 delicious sauces: all i oli (typical sauce from Valencia based on olive oil emulsified in garlic purée) and tomato. € 4.00

BRAVAS: The classic bravas with our salsa brava. € 6.00

RUSA SALAD: Potato and carrot salad with mayonnaise, tuna and pickles. € 6.50

SQUID FRITTER IN ITS INK with a touch of all i oli.(unit) € 2.20

CHICKEN CROQUETTE WITH CURRY slightly spicy…don’t miss it! (unit) € 2.50

SQUID MOLLET: Mollet bread stuffed with fried squid, feta cheese and lime mayonnaise. € 5.50


IBERIAN CURED HAM PLATTER: Served with toasted bread, tomato and almonds. € 16.00

CHEESE PLATTER *: served with almonds and quince jam. € 14.50
*Selection of cheeses: Hacienda Guijoso Manchego cheese, Payoyo goat cheese, Vettón Gran Reserva goat cheese, Stilton cheese.


SMOKED SALAD: With fresh sprouts, cherry tomatoes, roasted aubergine, black olives, feta cheese and smoked fruit vinaigrette. € 10.50

COCA NIKKEI Flatbread witn home-made dough, marinated tuna, seaweed emulsion and fresh green leaves. € 6.50

VALENCIAN TOMATO with steamed hake, olives and arbequina olive oil. € 11.00

TUNA TATAKI with chickpea hummus. € 9.50

FOIE AND MUSHROOM CREAM with Pedro Ximénez, crispy artichokes and brioche bread. € 7.50

THAI MEATBALLS with a delicious almond and garlic sauce. . € 8.50

WARM ARTICHOKES SALAD with Tudela lettuce hearts, homemade Caesar sauce and crispy bread with ham. € 11.50

KIMCHEE SQUID SAM with pico de gallo garnish, mango and coleslaw and sriracha salad. € 12.50

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