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Spinach, nut, cream cheese and pepper salad.

Coca flatbread with roast aubergine, mozzarella and sautéed chopped tomato with basil oil.

Soft-boiled egg on a bed of parmentier potatoes and crunchy migas.

Lentils with baby cuttlefish in their own ink.

Main Course

Your choice of:

Pork tenderloin with mustard and potatoes.

Seafood fideuà with a dried-tomato aioli.

Baked seabream on a bed of vegetable couscous in its own gravy.

Roast pork with a gorgonzola and truffle sauce on a bed of finely sliced potatoes.


Your choice of:

Chocolate custard.

Home-made Tiramisu.

*Sample menu. Consult the current lunchtime menu on Instagram stories